Bypass filter systems for bypass filtration

Hydraulic filters for the bypass flow have the task of filtering the hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic tank in a separate circuit. This relieves the oil filters in the main flow. This increases the availability of the hydraulic system while at the same time reducing operating costs.
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Why bypass filtration?

There is a 70-80% probability that hydraulic failures can be attributed to oil contamination. In many cases, dirt particles and water are brought in from outside and continuously deteriorate the oil quality.

Due to the contamination of the hydraulic oil, there is a risk that important components such as hydraulic pumps and hydraulic valves may be damaged and no longer function properly: Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic valves may be damaged and no longer function properly. In the worst case scenario, a defect in a system-relevant component can lead to a complete machine standstill. And this downtime immediately results in follow-up costs due to production downtime, spare parts procurement, repairs, etc.

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Customer test report oil service unit FAPC016 – Machining center machining industry

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The additional cleaning of hydraulic oil in a machining center with a bypass filter may appear uneconomical at first glance – an objection that we are often confronted with by machine operators. However, a concrete practical example underlines the fact that this assumption is not always correct.


As part of a product presentation, we took the opportunity to demonstrate the use of an bypass filter in a spontaneous test. To our surprise, we discovered that despite a closed system and the presence of filtration, the purity class of the hydraulic oil required by the machine manufacturer in accordance with ISO 4406 could not be achieved. This result after cleaning with the FAPC016 oil service unit emphasizes the potential importance of the bypass filter.

Customer test report oil service unit FAPC016Machine for the production of wire products

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Monitoring the oil quality in hydraulic systems is a key aspect of proactive maintenance. Regardless of the tank volumes, every company should view these checks as a long-term investment.

The quality and purity of the hydraulic oil are crucial for the efficient functioning of all components in the system. It is essential to consider oil not just as a consumable, but as an integral part of the machine. Studies show that around 80% of failures in hydraulic systems are due to worn, contaminated or even incorrectly selected oil.

Contaminated oil can lead to costly and long-lasting failures, especially in hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and high-priced proportional or servo valves. Fortunately, the cost of investing in oil service equipment or bypass filters is low compared to the potential savings from avoiding machine downtime.

Test report oil service device FAPC2 016, Schuhmacher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH

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Discover the innovative solution from Schuhmacher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH for maximum machine availability and efficient fluid management. With the introduction of the oil service device FAPC2 016, specialized in cleaning hydraulic oil, Schuhmacher achieved impressive results: an improvement in the purity class of the oil from 18/16/15 to 12/11/10 within just 60 minutes, without compromising the oil quality . Despite slightly increased wear values ​​that require further investigation, production manager Michael Schmid confirms the ease of operation and the significant improvement in oil purity, which leads to an up to fourfold increase in the service life of machine components. A breakthrough for companies striving for sustainable and efficient machine maintenance.

Oil maintenance in elevator hydraulics


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Relevance of oil care in elevator maintenance

A passenger elevator should not be limited exclusively to safety and hygiene, but should also be constantly ready for use to transport passengers and freight reliably between floors. The focus here is on reliability, especially when it comes to essential transportation tasks. To ensure the best possible availability, manufacturers, operators and service providers rely on innovative concepts. Regular maintenance and the use of high-quality components are becoming increasingly important for hydraulic elevators. One aspect that is often overlooked is the quality of the hydraulic oil, and compliance with the purity class is of great importance…


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Function of the bypass filtration

A bypass filter is an additional filter system which filters the medium of the affected hydraulic system in the bypass (in the bypass flow). In stationary or mobile applications, the hydraulic oil is drawn in via a hose or pipe line (suction line), conveyed through the filter and returned to the tank via the return line. This process runs continuously 24 hours a day, 5-7 days a week, as required. Our innovative and high-performance partner ARGO HYTOS offers state-of-the-art bypass filter systems and accessories.

KSS systems

Mobile high-pressure system KSS

Mobile and stationary KSS high-pressure systems are equipped with high-quality components from renowned manufacturers.

Argo Hytos bypass filter systems

Argo Hytos bypass filter system

Argo Hytos bypass filter units are suitable for use in the bypass flow of hydraulic and lubricating oil systems.

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