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When selecting your hydraulic motor, make sure you select the correct motor type. Hydraulic motors (also known as oil motors) are divided into the following categories:

Low-speed hydraulic motor
High-speed hydraulic motor
– Hydraulic motor with gearbox

The most commonly used hydraulic drives are oil motors or gerotor motors, gear motors, axial piston motors, radial piston motors and vane motors.

Hydraulikmotoren mehrerer Bauarten

Function and structure of a hydraulic motor

A hydraulic motor converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy by converting a flow rate into a speed and a pressure into a torque

The main components of a hydraulic motor are the motor housing, the rotor shaft, seals and other design-dependent parts.

Constant motors generate a continuous force and speed regardless of the amount of fluid flowing through them. Variable displacement motors set the displacement volume per cycle.

A hydraulic motor should be designed to avoid flow losses and achieve maximum efficiency in order to minimize the costs of the hydraulic system.

A problem with the hydraulic motor usually leads to a loss of power or an increase in operating temperature.

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Hydraulikanlage mit Planetengetriebe und Radialkolbenmotor und Gerotormotor

What you should look out for when buying a hydraulic motor

The most important thing is to make sure you get the best price for the service. We will tell you what quality the hydraulic motor has to offer and whether the price is fair compared to other suppliers.

Another important factor when choosing between two hydraulic motors is the required displacement – i.e. the amount of hydraulic oil that the motor consumes per revolution.

The torque and the direction of rotation of the drive shaft also play an important role. You should also consider how long you want your hydraulic system to run for.

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