Hydraulic pumps - Make the right purchase decision

You can only generate the perfect volume flow with a high-quality hydraulic pump . Make sure you buy high-quality pumps!

The central product of every hydraulic system is the hydraulic pump.

The main function of the pump is to convert mechanical energy (rotational force, torque) into hydraulic energy (fluid pressure, fluid flow).

Hydraulic pumps are Positive displacement pumps. These work with sealed chambers through which the hydraulic fluid flows from the inlet side (suction connection) to the outlet side (pressure connection).

There is no direct connection between the suction and pressure connections, which is why hydraulic pumps work well even at high pressure.

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Areas of application for hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps are used in mobile machinery as well as in industrial plants. These include, for example

Municipal machines
Construction machinery such as wheel loaders
Mining and drilling machines
Agricultural machinery
Hydraulic power units
Hydraulic presses
Plastic injection molding machines
Machine tools

We only work with partner companies that offer high-quality hydraulic pumps. The pumps can be used for both closed and open hydraulic circuits. Our hydraulic pumps are highly efficient, first-class products with a long service life.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the design of the optimum pump for your hydraulic system.

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What you should look out for when buying a pump

A hydraulic pump plays an important role in the smooth operation of your hydraulic system. Pay attention to the following points if you want to make an informed decision:

1) Due to the different design requirements, there are different versions of hydraulic pumps:

  • Axial piston pumps
  • Vane pumps
  • Radial piston pumps
  • Gear pumps
  • Hand pumps
  • Hydraulic pumps with PTO shaft

When purchasing a hydraulic pump, you must choose a pump that is suitable for the application in your system, the ambient conditions and the type of fluid used.

2) Check whether you need a pump with a constant or adjustable delivery volume. Also clarify whether the hydraulic pump requires one or two delivery directions (reversing pump).

3) Other important criteria that you should consider before buying a pump are displacement, operating pressure, speed range, noise level and efficiency.

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Hydraulic pumps - A small selection of our products

We supply internal and external gear pumps as well as multiple pumps of all sizes.


PGF internal gear pump


Constant displacement volume 1.7 to 40 cm³; max. 250bar


External gear pump XV2

Constant displacement volume 4.2 to 36.6 cm³; max. 260bar


Internal gear pump IPV


High-pressure internal gear pump type IPV


External gear pump PGE 104

Gear pumps can be connected to form double or triple units.

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