2-way hydraulic ball valve actuated by electric motor

2-Wege Kugelhahn elektrisch
2-Wege Kugelhahn elektrisch

What is an EMKH-DN13-1/2“ electromotive hydraulic ball valve?

The EMKH-DN13-1/2″ electromotive hydraulic ball valve is a classic hydraulic 2-way ball valve that can be adjusted using an electric motor (actuator). This allows hydraulic lines to be shut off quickly and easily (shut-off valve).

What are the special features of an electrically adjustable hydraulic ball valve?

  • High volume flows can be switched within a few seconds with very low pressure loss.
  • The floating ball design guarantees maximum tightness up to 350 bar.
  • Activation is via a 24 V signal, opening and closing is achieved by reversing the polarity.
  • Connection size G ½”
  • Nominal size DN13, other sizes on request
  • Maximum volume flow: 100 l/min
  • Important safety features such as Switching position monitoring, protection against overheating, retention of the switching position in the event of a voltage drop and protection against overload due to blocking of the ball valve, are realized through the combination of intelligent electronics and a powerful geared motor.
  • The geared motor and electronics are protected from even the most adverse environmental conditions in a sealed and pressure-balanced aluminum housing.

Where is an electromotive adjustable hydraulic 2-way ball valve used?

Areas of application are for example

  • Stationary hydraulic systems (test benches, power units, special machine construction, etc.) or in mobile hydraulics
  • Energy distribution and plant engineering
  • Heating, sanitary and solar systems
  • Compressed air and irrigation distributors, and much more.

Further information and technical data on our 2/2-way hydraulic ball valve can be found in our data sheet.

Presentation video of electromotive adjustable hydraulic ball valve

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