Hydraulic filters & hydraulic filter elements for clean hydraulic oil

From filter systems and complete hydraulic filters to filter elements in OEM quality, we can offer you products from international manufacturers. Do you want to change a hydraulic filter? You can find replacement filter elements or complete hydraulic filters from us as an alternative to other manufacturers. Our hydraulic filters and filter elements are supplied by ARGO-HYTOS, a leading manufacturer of filter systems for hydraulics.

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Why do you need a hydraulic filter?

The main function of the hydraulic filter is to retain undissolved foreign bodies in the hydraulic oil. The purpose of a hydraulic filter is therefore to reduce the wear on moving parts caused by dirt and thus increase the service life of the corresponding hydraulic systems.

How does a hydraulic filter work?

The contaminated and dirty hydraulic oil is fed to the filter housing via the inlet connection. There it meets a filter element which is usually made of paper, cellulose or glass fiber. Depending on the design of the filter fineness, a defined particle size is separated in the hydraulic filter element. The filtered and cleaned hydraulic oil flows out of the filter on the clean side and is fed back into the hydraulic system.

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ARGO-HYTOS hydraulic filter elements meet the highest standards of performance and quality. Only original parts guarantee that a reliable level of performance can be maintained. We are a long-standing partner of ARGO-HYTOS, where you will find a large number of filter elements, also in exchange for other manufacturers.
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When determining the required oil cleanliness level in a machine, the user’s expectations regarding the availability, safety and maintenance of the machine play an increasingly important role in addition to the requirements of the technical components and the operating pressure of the machine. ARGO-HYTOS is a leading manufacturer of all types of hydraulic filters. Replacement filters are available from stock in the shortest possible time.
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Pall Schumacher has been manufacturing porous filter media for 175 years. Their products are used in various applications such as filtration, fluidization and even as aeration. The company has been working closely with its customers for a long time and offers excellent customer service.
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