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Hydraulikventil in einer Hydraulikanlage
Hydraulikventil in einer Hydraulikanlage

Overview of hydraulic valves

Hydraulic valves are important components in hydraulic systems. They regulate the flow and switching of different circuits of your hydraulic medium in your hydraulic system.
Hydraulic valves are used in many areas such as industry, forestry and agriculture. A distinction is made between directional control valves, pressure valves, shut-off valves and flow control valves.


A major focus of Schuhmacher-Tech is on hydraulic proportional valves. In conjunction with our control electronics for proportional valves, we are able to offer you complete solutions.

Hydraulic directional control valves

Directional valve RPE

Product example RPE3-043Y11

Hydraulic directional control valves control the direction of flow and thus the direction of movement or rotation of hydraulic drives.

Hydraulic pressure valves

Pressure valve EEPDRS3
Produktbeispiel EEPDRS3-10-115-5-24V
In hydraulics, pressure valves regulate the pressure within a system by changing the throttle cross-section by means of mechanical, electrical or hydraulic feed movements.

Hydraulic shut-off valves

Shut-off valve CV-16A
Product example CV-16A-200-3-N
Shut-off valves prevent the flow in one direction in the hydraulic system and at the same time allow the hydraulic fluid to flow in the other direction without leaks.

Flow control valves - Hydraulic flow control valves

Flow valve FR13A
Product example FR13A20AL
Flow control valves or flow control valves with fixed orifice or adjustable throttle valves influence the volume flow in the hydraulic system depending on temperature and pressure.

Lowering brake valves - Load holding valves

Load holding valve CB11A23BL
Product example CB11A23BL
Retention valves protect the consumer in the hydraulic system against cavitation and pressure peaks.

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