CML4 – Compact & portable device for contamination monitoring

Perfect for use in the field:

At the heart of modern industry is the optimization of operational processes – this is where the CML4 plays a crucial role. This compact and portable device revolutionizes contamination monitoring, especially for outdoor applications. Thanks to its high-performance battery, the CML4 supports all-day working outdoors without an additional charge, while its high-resolution display remains clearly readable even in direct sunlight.

Easy to handle:

The CML4 is extremely easy to operate: a self-explanatory user interface and an intuitive color touch display make it possible to have the device ready for use in no time. The oil purity and other important measured values ​​can be determined quickly and accurately thanks to proven measuring methods such as the light blockage principle method. These precise measurements are not only essential for oil analysis, but also for the comprehensive assessment of the machine condition.

Fast and accurate measurements:

The CML4 can store up to 4,000 data sets, which can then be used for in-depth analysis and reporting via the award-winning CMP View software. This enables detailed analysis of measurement trends and the creation of comprehensive reports in PDF format, making the device an indispensable tool for condition monitoring.

Comprehensive measurement data analysis and condition assessment:

The benefits of the CML4 also extend to cost control: by detecting problems caused by fluid contamination at an early stage, the device helps to increase the efficiency and availability of plants. Since a large proportion of failures in fluid power systems are due to contaminated fluids, the CML4 offers an effective solution to reduce maintenance costs and avoid unplanned downtime.

Reduction of total operating costs and extension of machine service life:

The CML4 is more than just an oil cleanliness monitoring tool – it is an integral part of a proactive maintenance strategy, helping to reduce total cost of ownership and extend machine life. Rely on CML4 for reliable monitoring and analysis of your assets and take the future of maintenance into your hands today.